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Elementor 网站生成器 – 不仅仅是页面生成器


Elementor is the leading WordPress website builder that empowers you to successfully build professional, pixel-perfect websites. With an intuitive drag and drop interface, you get complete control to build any type of website, without writing a single line of code.

Revolutionize the way you build websites with Elementor AI, a native AI integration built specifically for Elementor, that transforms the way you build websites by enabling you to create complete sections, original text, code, and images instantly.

Unlock all of Elementor’s features and elevate your website’s potential with Elementor Pro.


Gain full control over your website’s design and layout with the Elementor Page Builder, providing you with an intuitive drag and drop interface. Drag elements to the canvas, and position them to achieve your desired page structure, and functionality.

Leverage Flexbox and CSS Grid Containers to create highly sophisticated, professional, lightweight, and responsive layouts. In addition, you can use Elementor’s Nested Elements to elevate your website’s design and unlock even more creative freedom by nesting elements within other elements, such as placing widgets within the content area of Tabs or the Accordion.


With Elementor’s robust features and over 40 free widgets, you can create unique websites that stand out. To enhance your website, use its advanced design capabilities, such as uploading SVG files, applying masks, box shadows, gradient backgrounds, headline effect, shape dividers, built-in CSS controls, and many more.




Seamlessly adjust the content and presentation of your website to every device. With Custom Breakpoints, you can make adjustments to your website’s design to create an ideal experience for every breakpoint. Additionally, you can display content based on device type, or set the alignment, spacing, layout, order, and more.

超过 40 个免费小部件并且数量还在增加

Elementor 包含 40 多个免费小部件,供您构建专业且引人入胜的网站:

  • 标题. 加入显眼的标题
  • 图片. 控制图片的尺寸、透明度和其他设定。
  • 文本编辑器。所见即所得文本编辑器,就像 WordPress 编辑器一样。
  • 视频。将 YouTube、Vimeo、Dailymotion 或自行托管的视频添加到您的页面。
  • Button. Control every aspect of the button design.
  • 图像框。包含图像、标题和文本的框。
  • 推荐。显示社会证明的客户评价。
  • 图标。放置 600 多个可用图标中的一个或多个。
  • 图标框。在一个小部件中包含图标、标题和文本。
  • Social Icons. Link to your social pages with the relevant icon like Facebook/X (formerly Twitter).
  • Image Gallery. Display your images in an aligned grid.
  • 图像轮播.选中图像的旋转轮播或幻灯.
  • 图标列表。使用任何图标创建项目符号列表。
  • 计数器。以逐步升级的方式显示统计数据和数字。
  • 进度条。包括一个升级的进度条。
  • Nested Tabs. Gain complete design freedom to display content in vertical or horizontal tabs.
  • Nested Accordion. Display any type of content in collapsible sections.
  • 切换。使用切换按钮隐藏或显示内容,例如常见问题解答。
  • Rating. Display how many stars (or any other icon) other visitors gave your content.
  • 警报框。包括一个彩色警报框以吸引访问者的注意。
  • HTML. 在页面嵌入代码
  • 简码. 轻易地把简码嵌入任何页面中。
  • 菜单锚定. 链接任意菜单到此锚点.
  • 阅读更多。为存档页中的摘录设置阅读更多截取值。
  • 侧边栏。 在页面中添加任何侧边栏。
  • Google 地图. 在页面嵌入地图
  • SoundCloud. 从SoundCloud中添加数字音乐.
  • 分隔符。使用设计的分隔线分隔内容。
  • 间距。在元素之间添加间距。
  • . 在列中创建内部列.
  • 文本路径。将您的文本附加到路径..
  • 并且正在计数…


To accelerate your workflow Elementor includes a multitude of workflow enhancing features and collaborative tools that improve your efficiency, including:

  • Finder – quickly navigate between different pages and components of your website, or create new website parts quickly.
  • Add to Favorites – pin your most frequently used widgets to the top of the widget panel for easy access, that way you don’t need to scroll through hundreds of widgets.
  • Copy & Paste Between One Website’s Editor to Another – copy any element or layout from the Editor of one website to another.
  • Revision History – restore and compare previous versions of your website with Elementor’s revision history.


Your website’s performance impacts your visitor’s experience and search result ranking. Therefore, Elementor continuously invests in improving performance and recently partnered with Google Chrome to identify more ways to optimize performance, without impacting design. Performance improving features include: reduced DOM output, improved media file loading, reduced CSS and JS files, lazy loading, faster font loading, optimize front-end asset loading, and more. To learn more, check out our performance page.


Elementor is built with accessibility in mind and offers tools and enhancements to help you provide a better experience for all users. These include HTML 5 semantic, full keyboard navigation menu, ongoing accessibility improvement of features, widget, and more.


加入一个蓬勃发展的全球社区,帮助彼此实现目标。获取问题的答案、与其他成员解决问题、分享知识等等。加入社区讨论、聚会,欣赏全球会员制作的数百个 YouTube 视频、文章和教程。

  • Facebook 社区 – 拥有超过 12 万名成员,他们不断提供支持、建议和反馈,以及有关新功能以及如何实现复杂网站场景的教程。
  • Github 社区 – 获取有关所有最新版本的信息、请求功能或报告漏洞。
  • Dozens of Elementor Addons, Themes, and Kits thousands of themes, addons and kits created specifically for Elementor.

开发者 API

Elementor is open-source, made to be extended. Therefore developers have full access to documentation that includes the Editor’s code components including hooks, integrations and controllers. This includes a developer’s website, Developers Docs, Developers Blog, GitHub, Add-on Developers Newsletter, and more.


Elementor supports multiple languages and typographies and is RTL compatible, so you get an Editor and Panel that supports over 63 languages out of the box. Elementor is also compatible with WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, Weglot, and more.
If you would like to contribute, you can add a new language via translate.wordpress.org. We’ve built a short guide explaining how to translate and localize the plugin.


Create unparalleled engaging websites while saving time and resources, and keeping costs manageable with Elementor Pro’s full website builder. Get access to +100 professional widgets, features, and tools to create comprehensive website experiences.

Elementor Pro’s features include:

  • Exclusive Pro Kits and Templates – get a jumpstart or get inspired with pre-designed kits and templates.
  • Advanced Motion Effects – create unparalleled experiences by making elements on your website move, or keep certain elements in view at all times using sticky effects.
  • Industry-leading Theme Builder – customize your theme parts including header, footer, single post, post archive, single product, product archive, 404 page, and more.
  • WooCommerce Builder – design and customize every part of your online store to boost conversion.
  • Professional Form Builder and Submission Log – collect leads and store submissions to stay connected with your website visitors.
  • Popup Builder – display popups to the right visitor at the right time to boost engagement and conversion.
  • Dynamic Content – populate your website with content from your WordPress CMS.
  • Loop Builder – design your own listing template and leverage alternate templates to promote specific products, posts, or events from within your listing grid.
  • Mega Menu widget – create simple or sophisticated menus to facilitate an intuitive navigation experience for your website visitors.
  • Marketing automation and CRM integrations – connect your forms to your favorite CRM software to stay connected with visitors.
  • Scroll Snap – create engaging experiences and ensure visitors scroll through your website as intended.
  • Custom fonts & icons – ensure you follow GDPR requirements and match your website’s fonts and icons to your brand.
  • Role manager – provide website collaborators with the appropriate access and editing capabilities.
  • Blog post widget – create your own template to display your blog posts.
  • Nested Carousel – design captivating carousels using any of Elementor’s widgets in each carousel slide.
  • Global widgets – adjust the content, styles and settings of a widget and reuse it globally across your website for consistency.
  • Custom CSS – apply custom css to any element, or globally to elevate your website’s design.
  • Custom Code – apply custom code anywhere on your website to elevate your website’s experience.
  • 90+ Professional widgets
  • And many more.

Unlock full creative freedom and build professional websites with Elementor Pro!


Elementor places a paramount focus on security, evident through our acquisition of various industry certifications such as ISO/IEC 27001, ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, ISO/IEC 27701, and SOC 2 Type II. These certifications not only underscore our commitment to implementing robust security measures, but also highlight our dedication to adhering to recognized industry standards.

To build secure and reliable software, we follow a Secure System Development Lifecycle based on industry best practices. Our development process integrates multiple services that monitor vulnerabilities and configuration mistakes, including those in third-party libraries. Each line of code we release undergoes meticulous manual and automated quality assurance to detect and address any potential issues.

We actively encourage ethical security research through our Bug Bounty program. We collaborate with leading bug bounty services to provide opportunities for researchers to report vulnerabilities in our services. Our bounty programs include a triage team available 24/7/365 to verify every submission.

More information could be found in our Trust Center.

Elementor 资源和支持

  • 要了解如何开始使用 Elementor 或查看有关新功能的教程,请访问 Elementor Academy帮助中心
  • 如果您有任何其他问题或需要支持,请访问插件论坛。 Elementor Pro 用户还可以联系专用支持渠道以获得优质的 24/7 支持。
  • 有关 Elementor 和 Elementor Pro 功能的更多信息,请访问 Elementor 网站建设者

已赞 Elementor?

屏幕截图 屏幕截图 屏幕截图 屏幕截图 屏幕截图 屏幕截图


  • WordPress 6.0 或更高版本
  • PHP 版本 7.3 或以上
  • MySQL 版本 5.0 或以上


  • PHP 版本 7.4 或更高版本
  • MySQL 版本 5.6 或更高版本
  • WordPress内存限制为64MB或更大(首选128 MB或更大)


  1. 使用 WordPress 内置插件安装程序进行安装,或者解压 zip 文件并将内容放入 WordPress 安装的 wp-content/plugins/ 目录中。
  2. 通过WordPress中的“插件”菜单激活插件。
  3. 前往页面 > 新增
  4. 点击 ‘用Elementor编辑’ 按钮.
  5. 现在,您可以将小部件从左侧面板拖放到内容区域,并添加构成页面结构的新节和列。


如何安装 Elementor?

要安装 Elementor 的免费版本,请按照以下步骤操作:
从 WordPress 仪表板 -> 转到插件 -> 单击“添加新”-> 在搜索字段中,输入 Elementor 并选择 Elementor website builder。
按安装 -> 安装后,单击激活。

Elementor 是否适用于所有主题?

Elementor 适用于所有遵循其 Codex 设定的 WordPress 编码标准的主题。建议使用 Elementor 的 Hello Theme,一个轻量级的空白画布,在使用 Elementor 时享受充分的灵活性,并优化您的体验。

Elementor 与古腾堡兼容吗?

Elementor 和古腾堡无缝协作。作为用户,您可以轻松决定在编辑网站时随时使用哪个编辑器。


是的,使用 Elementor Pro WooCommerce Builder,您可以自定义商店的每个页面,以创造令人惊叹的客户体验,从而推动销售。

它可以与其他 WordPress 插件一起使用吗?

它适用于几乎所有插件。如果您遇到不兼容问题,请向我们以及与 Elementor 冲突的插件报告。


不! Elementor 为您提供了无需使用代码即可构建专业网站所需的所有小部件和功能。



Elementor 会减慢我的网站速度吗?

由于 Elementor 优先考虑速度和性能,因此您可以在每个新版本的 Elementor 中享受更好更快的性能。在旧版本上测试相同的页面布局时,您可以看到显着的性能改进,从 Google PageSpeed Insight 3.1 版中的 82 分到 3.5 版中的 95 i 分。

Elementor 使我的网站安全吗?

您网站的安全对我们来说极其重要,我们采取积极主动的措施来确保您网站的安全。 Elementor 已通过 ISO 27001 认证,并拥有一支由安全专业人员组成的专门团队,全天候 (24/7) 实施行业最佳实践,以实现最大程度的安全性和合规性。

还有一个托管安全漏洞赏金计划,通过启用 24/7/365 众包漏洞检测来利用社区力量。


当然,您可以使用任何支持 Elementor 的模板。

Elementor 是否与文章和自定义文章类型兼容?


Elementor 的免费插件和 Elementor Pro 有什么区别

Elementor 的免费版本允许您探索我们革命性的拖放实时编辑器、基本小部件和模板。 Elementor Pro(基本版、高级版、专家版、工作室版和代理版)为您提供更专业的工具,加快您的工作流程,让您获得人力支持,帮助您构建更高级的内容并转化访问者。请参阅此处的完整比较。


如果您想做出贡献,请访问我们的 Elementor GitHub 存储库,看看您可以在哪里提供帮助。↵
您还可以通过 translate.wordpress.org 添加新语言。我们构建了一个简短指南,解释如何翻译和本地化插件

3.18.0 – 2023-12-04

  • New: Introducing Element Manager – Overview of all installed widgets on your site, allowing the deactivation of unused widgets for a personalized widget panel (#9647)
  • New: Introducing Elementor AI for Text-Based Container Generation – Effortlessly generate uniquely designed containers by simply providing a single textual prompt
  • New: Introducing Elementor AI for Elementor-Based Container Variations – Customize your existing Elementor layouts by editing container content, images, fonts, colors, and icons
  • Tweak: Added support for Elementor AI Web-Based Container generation – Create containers by providing a specified URL to generate Elementor-compatible layouts
  • Tweak: Enanached TTFB metric by removing UI controls and some arguments from frontend loading for better site performance
  • Tweak: Implemented accessibility improvements in Progress Bar widget
  • Tweak: Added responsive control and size units to navigation size in Image Carousel widget
  • Tweak: Promoted Global Style Guide feature to a Stable status
  • Tweak: Activated Optimize Image Loading experiment by default for all sites
  • Tweak: Activated Optimized Gutenberg Loading experiment by default for all sites
  • Tweak: Activated Inline Font Icons experiment by default for new sites
  • Tweak: Renamed the ‘Image Size’ control into ‘Image Resolution’
  • Tweak: Updated eicons library to v5.25.0
  • Tweak: Updated context menu UI
  • Fix: Elementor Editor is slow when using Safari 17 and Firefox on macOS (#24260)
  • Fix: Locale with “comma” as decimal separator brakes generated CSS styles for decimal values (#10992)
  • Fix: Changed Vimeo Background video player to transparent background player (#16336)
  • Fix: Dynamic property creation is deprecated in container layout with PHP 8.2 (#23830)
  • Fix: Ensure that the tab elements open correctly with a click in Tabs widget

See changelog for all versions.